Monday, June 23, 2014

Rehearsal fun!

Friday morning was flower time at Karen and Jim's! There was a team of people, especially Mama Sue, helping Karen put together the flowers for the tables at the wedding. Dagny and Dean had a lot of beautiful help with their wedding because they are so loved!
Friday went by really quickly! Next thing we knew it was time to go to the rehearsal!!
Dagny meeting Dagny and Annika from Minnesota for the first time!
The adorable little dudes and their signs.
Casey practicing holding the ring pillow!
Father of the bride is ready for some walking down the aisle fun!

Dagny and Lola!

Uncle Sal's margaritas were amaze-balls! Thank you, Uncle Sal. And oh my goodness, Aunt Dorothy!! They are so awesome!!
Gorgeous rehearsal dinner!!
The kids loved the craft area! Thank you so much!
Katie and Pedar!

Jenna and Dean toasting to friendship!
Roz gave an excellent party!! Well done, Rozzy!!
The boys in the wedding party received fishing poles. They are excited for you take them Uncle Dean!!
Hugging Lola and missing Ava!
Dean gave Chris a bag of guitar picks with his band name engraved Very thoughtful!!
Joaquin recently became Vice Principle at his school so Dean got him a very thoughtful gift.
Dean with his groomsman Cooper a.k.a. Larry a.ka. Lawrence.
Megan, Dagny and Lindsey. Oh how I love these ladies.
Dean's childhood friend, Joaquin with his lovely wife Sybil and their gorgeous daughters Kylie, Molina and Annalee. Awesome people!
Pictures of Dagny with her beautiful bridesmaids Andrea, Cameron and Jenna.

Love this picture of you two!! So happy!!
The siblings of Dagny and Dean, just missing Leif!
It was Jim and Karen's wedding anniversary on June 20th!    Happy Anniversary!!
 Before we knew it it was time to take Sierra and Lola home and get the kids in bed for a long day tomorrow. We were all so excited for the next day it was hard to sleep!!

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