Sunday, July 13, 2014

Academy of Sciences

Sunday morning we woke up and headed to San Francisco. We were going to visit with our friend Mark and his daughter PJ in Golden Gate Park for a bit and then we were going to the Academy of Sciences. Casey LOVES this museum so much!! 

Umm...we love PJ so much. I can't believe we have never squeezed her until now. She is so darn cute. She is two-years-old. She will be three this December. She loves to say Hello and she learned all of our names, especially Erik and Casey.
Oh Golden Gate Park, you are so beautiful!
This park was so awesome. It was so fun to have to put a sweater on in San Francisco. It might be 111 degrees in Sacramento tomorrow.
Grab a piece of cardboard and you are going to have a really good time on this concrete slide!
PJ invited us all into her "house" at the park!
I think she invited Casey the most to her house!!
And then, on the walk to the Academy of Sciences, she asked to hold Casey's hand. So. Damn. Cute! Yes, the Dad's are laughing in the background.
Erik and PJ had a great time too! We said goodbye to Mark and PJ and went inside to the beautiful Academy of Sciences. The gardens outside are even beautiful!
This beautiful place NEVER disappoints.
Garden eels are so weird!!!
Giant Sea Bass!
The earthquake simulator was REALLY cool!
Moray Eel
Orb spider
Gorgeous plant wall that I want to create!
We ended the day with a show in the planetarium. It was great. We walked to dinner afterwards and got home a bit before 9 p.m. What an awesome 12 hours in San Francisco. Can't wait to return!!

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