Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY hair dye

Pedar and I are working hard to pay off our credit debt, again. Yes, it has inched back up since we moved into our new house. So, being a team player and an avid DIYer, I am going to back to my roots, and doing my hair by myself. It has been about a year or so since I've played beauty parlor at my house. I couldn't remember what box I used to buy, so I went to Rite Aid and grabbed the one that looked the least messy, poured myself a glass of courage, and went into the bathroom.
It went on easy enough. I made a little bit of a mess. Some drips fell on our white bathroom cabinet, darnit! I'll have to touch that up with some paint. I'm not sure I left it on long enough, there are still quite a few strands of white that were not covered. But, for the most part, my highlights that were resembling straw look better, and the outgrowth from the last time I had my hair dyed in early May, is covered. I like it! Next time I am going to ask for some help from a beauty supply store.
So, for less than $12 and being able to come home from work, make dinner, go for a walk with boys and dog, play with rainbow looms and then sneak into my bathroom and take care of my hair before bed = DIY hair dye is absolutely priceless.
We have almost been in our house a year (8/6) and our house to-do list is still very large. I made a list recently and stuck it to the fridge because that seems to be the only way to remain focused to get things done!

House to-do list
Updated: July 24, 2014
(Not in an particular order and definitely not everything!!)
1. Build new side gates/fences 
2. Fix garage door opener (Woo Hoo! It now shuts and opens and won't crush the kids!)
3. Pay off credit debt 
4. Build up savings account. Create emergency fund
 5. Automate money to transfer into boys college funds 
6. Clean up tree junk on side of house 
7. Complete baseboards/trim around laundry room 
8. Clean up yard/termite junk by kitchen side of house
 9. Remove monster bush in front yard, ivy and trim trees 
10. Finish painting bridge in backyard 
11. Tear out Casey’s closet. Reorganize Casey’s closet 
12. Replace interior doors 
13. New King mattress for N&P 
14. Ned bedframe for N &P 
15. Queen sized bed for Casey 
16. Printer/Scanner 
17. Closet organizers for bdrm closets 
18. Remove dead tree in backyard 
19. Remove yard overgrowth near dead tree in backyard 
20. Remove monster bush 
21. Path to front door 
22. New kitchen sink
23. New kitchen counter tops 
24. New faucets in bathrooms 
25. New bathroom fans 
26. New light in boys bathroom 
27. Light in dining room 
28. Kitchen counter/dining room project 
29. Art in living room 
30. Bookcases in Master Bedroom 
31. Window seat in master bedroom 
32. Shutters for all bedrooms 
33. Create path in backyard that meets other path 
34. Remove grass in front yard closest to driveway 
35. Remove rotted decks in backyard 
36. Build pergola near pool
37. Install pavers around pool 
38. Remodel pool

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