Thursday, July 3, 2014

Magical friends

Josh and Jen had us over for dinner last night. Pedar worked late at the Folsom rodeo. Wells Fargo is working on a make-a-wish foundation and some awesome magic is happening for a beautiful little girl.
The kids and I got to the Ray's and Mason and Ellie immediately gave us a magic show. The kids played on their super fun Zip line and ping-pong table and the adults made plans for more Summer fun!! We love this awesome family so much!! We always have a hard time ending our fun. Boo! Thank you for a magical night!
Pedar started teaching Casey how to ride a unicycle. We are decorating our bikes tonight to prepare for the parade tomorrow! Last day of work!!
Feeling ready for tomorrow! Finally ordered the gorgeous bunting I have been admiring for years! Love it!!

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