Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to it!

We are back to a work after a fantastic week off. We loved being with our gorgeous nieces, sister and brother in Oregon. We had a great time and look forward to getting these kids together again.

We got home late Friday. Saturday we wrestled the laundry pile and restocked the pantry and fridge. We soaked some really thirsty plants and just got back to the typical household stuff. Later that evening the boys went to Mor Mor and Pops house while Pedar and I went to his 20th High School reunion. Thank you for watching the boys! They had a great time. We had a really good time. Pedar reconnected with some old friends and I made some new ones!
Sunday morning we met the boys at church, went out for a delicious breakfast and then we got home to tackle the shed and garage. 

We stopped by Emigh Hardware on our way home from church, one of my most favorite Sunday stops and picked up some River City Root Beer for the boys. 
When we got home, we got to work with the garage and shed. We emptied the shed last year, but it still had some rat poop in it and we didn't t have a lock for it and our stuff was fitting OK in the garage--so we haven't used it yet. Recently our bikes seem to explode all over the garage and every night we find ourselves reorganizing to fit our cars. Something had to give, and so yesterday we gave it what's what. 

Pedar tackled the shed with the shop vac and bleach. We moved out a couple of shelves from the garage into the shed. Pedar built a couple of floating shelves in the shed as well. We moved all the camping and decoration boxes into the shed and LO AND BEHOLD, we have room for two cars. Cue the gospel music.

While we were cleaning, the boys decided to have a donation stand of juice/soda-that-was-leftover-from-Dean & Dagny's wedding-that-we-are-not-drinking. They had a good time. Bannon and Carina dropped by to borrow some camping gear. We wish we could go with them this weekend, but we have too much going on. It was awesome to visit with them for a bit.
 Today is crazy beautiful outside. It is like 70 degrees and overcast. I love it!! I hope everyone has a great week.
Are you? Are you making plans to have some fun and fill your happy tank? Have you helped someone today? The best way to feel better is to serve others. At least that is what my Mom says!! Are you looking forward to something? Make it happen. No one can do it for you. If you want something, go get it!!!

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