Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It got here sooner than I thought

We visited Erik's classroom this morning to help him feel ready for tomorrow. He is very excited. 

Now please, take a walk down memory lane with me.
How is he almost six-years-old?
Didn't Casey just start at Mission yesterday? How is he in the fourth grade??? This was taken on his first day of kindergarten.
This is how we looked on Casey's first day of kindergarten. See the red eyes--they'll be happening again tomorrow!
This is a snapshot of what my life is like in the morning. We put ourselves together, drink coffee and get the kids to their places with happy, shiny faces. Pedar and I are a well-oiled machine now. It used to be so much harder. I love my five and nine-year-old's. I am feeling more rested and present than I have in years!!
The baby years were hard, but I loved them. The juggle of work and kids has never been easy, but the first five years of both boys, had me many times begging for mercy. And now, looking at this picture of Erik in my arms. Oh my goodness. It went by so fast. Just like they all said it would. I can't get the time back. My babies are boys. I need to concentrate on creating polite and loving men now, that want to help others and make a difference in the world.
How is Megan a senior in High School??? Happy first day, Megan. We love you. Happy first day of high school to Gavin and first day of junior high to Annika!!
Thank you, Pedar, for being my wonderful partner. You have made these early childhood parenting years so much fun. We did it! We are here. We're out of the crazy daycare days. I didn't see it coming so fast, but we're here and I am so grateful.
These two are in school together, finally! I know Casey will look out for you Erik. He loves you so much. Be good to one another, always, OK?
Oh Erik, do you see how beautiful you are? My goodness, I am so excited for the places you will go and the things you will learn. Happy first day of kindergarten little man. We love you something fierce.
Happy first day of fourth grade, Casey. It was one of my favorite years in school. I hope you have an awesome time. We just love you so much. We're cheering you on, yelling from the sidelines, "Make good choices!!" That's what Mama Sue always says!! You've got a lot of people hoping and praying for you. No pressure, just want you to always know how loved you are and how many people want to see you succeed and be happy. But you know that everyone measures success in different ways, choose your measurement. Choose what makes you happy.

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