Friday, August 8, 2014

Say great things more often

Everywhere I look I am seeing the signs of Fall. Soccer season has started. I see the kids in their sweaty uniforms everywhere. We're not participating--we asked the kids and they said they would rather try karate, so that's what we're going to do! Lord knows I hate running around after work like a crazy woman anyways. I'm crazy enough!
School supplies. School clothes. School schedules. School field trips. Erik is starting Kindergarten and Casey is in the fourth grade. Weren't they just this small yesterday? Damn!

So much needs to be planned and organized!! Classroom supply lists need to be filled. I finally made it to Target today on my lunch break and bought the stuff their teachers have requested. Nana took the boys to get a backpack and pencil case. Thank you, Nana!  

We're starting to feel ready to have a great year!! Casey and Erik have awesome teachers and so many wonderful field trips planned! The boys are super excited to start on Thursday. Hope everyone is feeling excited and energized to have a great year! This year, Pedar and I have vowed to read more as a family, play and cook together more and hug, dance and create more together!!! It's going to be an awesome year! Let's do this!!

Kid President shared his list of things we should say more often! Enjoy!  

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