Sunday, September 21, 2014

Let's do this!

After school on Thursday, Erik went to his and Casey's room, locked the door and went to sleep. Margie had picked up the boys with Rita and was alarmed at his behavior so she unlocked the door and found him fast asleep. He slept for over three hours. When he woke up he had a fever and was nauseous. I stayed home Friday with him, and to help distract us from this bug, we made a quick trip to one of my favorite places, POW nursery. I quickly filled a cart with some perennials and loaded the kids back in the car.
I think it has been over a year since I've been back. We also stopped at Sloughhouse and got some pumpkins and fresh fruit and veggies. There is still so much cleaning to be done to our yard, that planting is still really far away. We also need to put in some pipe, we have no sprinklers, which means we have no drip system, not good for DRY Sacramento.
I planted everything on Friday night before dinner. Nana and Papa brought over Liam and Lila over to play and dinner. They had those two over for a sleepover. We took all five kids on a walk and let them play around the neighborhood for awhile.
The next morning, I took the kids to the Heart Walk for WHA at William Land Park and Pedar painted houses in Oak Park for Wells Fargo.
Over 100 people came out to Oak Park to paint eight houses and landscape and repair fencing for Neighborworks.
Pedar came home covered in paint, but thrilled with how much they got done. Later that evening, we went to the Autumn Equinox at Soil Born Farm. It was a beautiful event.

This morning I ran 8 miles. I am preparing for the Urban Cow half marathon on October 5. I can't say I've really prepared for this run. I have had so much going on lately with work and Margie and Rita living with us--but being as slow as I am, I can do it. I can finish this damn race. I will do it for Bob. If he is running, than lord knows I'm running! 
Pedar and Casey leave in the morning for a camping trip to Mount Lassen with Casey's fourth grade class. They are staying two nights/three days. We got them all prepared this afternoon for their trip!! Erik and I will miss them but I know they will have a blast! Hope everyone has a great week.

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  1. My beautiful friend you amaze me! I just wrote a comment and now I don't see it so here it comes again. I imagine your lovely yard is loving your new plants. We just visited a garden this weekend and saw some cool ideas for watering that could work for you while you don't have in ground sprinklers yet. We should chat. Totally spaced and missed the Soil Born event this year. I imagine it was lovely. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for always making time to write and share. Love you bunches.