Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making memories with Rita and Margery

Margery and Rita have been with us for a little over two weeks and boy oh boy do I love all the memories we are making with these two. The kids, especially Casey and Rita, are very connected. Margie walks to the boys school, picks them up and walks them home. Margery says Rita walks around the house all afternoon saying, "Boys? Boys?" She gets SO excited when she sees them!
We love you Rita and Margery. We are so grateful for this time to be with you. I hope Rita remembers some of this time together, but she most likely won't. I need to take more pictures. Oh the memories we are making, like this morning, when Margie was so sleepy she didn't twist the top of your bottle on tight enough and poured it all over Rita??!! She was screaming and Margie was so upset about the mess and the crying. I have got to get the funny little fake cry Rita does on video and when she says, "Ow!" when nothing is wrong, she just wants attention.

Margie caught Casey kissing Rita's head last night as they played in the driveway, what a little crumb cake. Casey is so helpful with Rita. I am proud of how nicely the boys have adjusted to the two new people in our home. We are grateful for this time and want to make it a happy one. Pedar and I have been out of town the last two weekends--but I promise I will reach out to those who want to love on these two very soon and schedule some time for you to kiss Rita and Margery. 


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