Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Erik loved his first Mission Avenue Halloween parade this morning.
Casey has band practice at 7 a.m. this morning so I didn't get a picture of the boys together. This was taken the other night. The ghost is our adorable neighbor, Ollie.
This is my Marketing team with our Chief Medical Officer. His entire department was decorated as the Wizard of Oz-so of course he was the great and powerful Oz.

We had a blast being unicorns. We brought a lot of smiles to our workplace today!!We are already planning our costumes for next year! Now, I need to finish a bit more work so I can leave early, clean house/get dinner together and run the kids around trick-or-treating in the rain! HURRAH!!




Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Empire Mine with Mission Avenue

I went to the Empire Mine today with Casey's fourth grade classes. The weather was beautiful. We had a great time. We learned how hard the miners worked and how dangerous their jobs were. It is estimated that only 20% of the gold was mined--leaving 80% underground. It was just too expensive to keep the mine open.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

The boys tried on my unicorn Halloween costume. See how they have their hand on their hip and their head cocked to one side. They said that is how I pose. HA HA!

Our adorable neighbors playing with the boys in the driveway!
We stayed close to home this weekend. Casey has had a bad cough and we've all been a bit snotty. We finally put some Ikea projects together. We went to our neighbors Halloween party and last night we went to the Hausman's pumpkin carving get together.
I was supposed to drive to the Bay Area to congratulate my cousin Kevin and his husband Rene on their wedding.
I just didn't have the energy to drive to Union City and back yesterday. I wish I could have been there! I was going to drive Margery and Rita too, but Rita has been sick as well. We had Margery and Rita spend the night Friday so we could play with her a bit Saturday morning and celebrate her birthday. Poor Rita wasn't feeling up for much partying. I will post a picture of her blowing out the candle on her cinnamon roll. She was happy for those three minutes!!

Erik lost his first tooth last night!!!

Pedar and I volunteered at the school harvest festival Saturday afternoon. I worked the kindergarten cake-walk and Pedar worked at the fourth grade duck pond game. After our shifts were over we let the kids play all the games.

This was my favorite harvest festival yet at Mission. I loved the overcast weather and that the games were close to the classrooms. We had a great time.
Pedar took the boys on Sunday to get the fish they won at the Harvest Festival. That is always the best part of the school festival!! Have a great week everyone.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Casey IS C.O.P.!!!

I am so proud to share that Casey won for Commissioner of Publicity.
He actually tied with another student so they are going to share the position, which he is excited about. He did beat-box before his speech. Several parents told me he did a great job. He told me he felt REALLY nervous. But he DID IT! I wish I had been there to see him give his speech. Next time I will beg someone to film him.

Life has a way of balancing news, doesn't it? We learned Monday that our house didn't appraise enough for us to be able to refinance. I was disappointed. Was hoping to adjust to a 20-year-loan and roll in a tiny bit of debt. But you know what? We will pay off all the things the old fashioned way, just by just doing it!

Make it a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rita

Rita is two-years-old! Happy Birthday, precious little girl. We love you so much.

When Rita was born Margie lived in Washington, so I flew Margie and Rita to Sacramento when Rita was only 6-weeks-old. I couldn't wait another minute to meet her! I visited again in March of 2013 and then Margie came in August and November of 2013. Margie and Rita have been back in Sacramento for two months now. I love having them near. I love knowing this precious little lady. The boys absolutely adore her.
I am so glad Margery's dream came true. She is an awesome Mom.

Happy Birthday, precious girl. We all love you so very much! We can't wait to see you open your gift!!!

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