Friday, October 17, 2014

Smells like pumpkin

I made pumpkin muffins this morning in an attempt to make the house smell heavenly. 
We had an appraiser come over this morning because we want to refinance. It's always a $500 gamble and a couple of years ago at Oxbow, our house didn't appraise for what we needed, so we lost that money. We just need it to appraise for a bit more so we can pay back Pedar's 401K, SMUD window loan and get rid of PMI. If this works out, we will feel better and have less payments, which would be wonderful. It is a GREAT time to refinance if you're thinking about it! Jeff Goodman at Wells Fargo can help you, he rocks.

We cleaned like crazy people last night. I made a list of all the projects we've done since we moved July 2013, and it is fun to look at the progress:
  1. New windows
  2. New fence around pool
  3. Repaired pool equipment
  4. Repaired garage door opener
  5. Refinished hardwood floors
  6. New front door
  7. Installed hardwood in master bedroom, kitchen and dining room
  8. New gutters
  9. Repaired deck
  10. New wall plates
  11. New garbage disposal
  12. New appliances: Refrigerator, oven and microwave
  13. New tile in master bathroom
  14. New tile in laundry room
  15. New paint interior and exterior
  16. Built gate in between house and garage
  17. New light fixtures throughout the house
  18. Installed recessed lighting in living room
  19. Plumbed kitchen for natural gas oven and range
  20. Installed new exterior lights
  21. New Baseboards
  22. Refinished cabinets and hardware ‎throughout house
  23. All new door handles
  24. New planting beds and bark in front yard
  25. New decomposed granite walkway on side of home (by HVAC

We are looking forward to putting more work into the yards and by the pool soon! I would like to put some love into the bedrooms too.

I'm so glad it is Friday. Pedar and I had after-work events this week and big projects/reports to finish and then the craziness of preparing for this morning. Man, the appraiser had such a good poker face. He didn't say a thing about our house. Now we wait and hope that it all works out. 

Happy Weekend everyone!!


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