Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vote for Casey!

We made four Boo baskets and ran all over our neighborhood dropping them off last night. The kids had a blast! Before dropping off treats, I helped Casey make posters because he is running for Commissioner of Publicity. He decided on his own to run for C.O.P. He said he wants to run because he loves to draw and he wants to help people know when Spirit week is and what is going on so people don't forget to dress up. What a little crumb cake. I think there might be eight kids running for this position. We will keep our fingers crossed for him. I've tried talking him into beat-boxing or creating a drawing on the stage, but he's written his speech and will not accept any direction. It's hard to be a stage Mom. He keeps telling me he gets to make his own choices!! What the what??

I ran out last night to try to find the boys some pants and long-sleeved shirts. The weather is finally cold and they have outgrown all pants and shirts. I found the suit jacket, pants and dress shirt for Casey. He had to try it on immediately, with the tie that Janet and Bob got him. He said he is wearing it to make his C.O.P. speech on Thursday. Vote for Casey!

Try this today!

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