Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What are you up to?

Casey designed a label for Mission Avenue Olive Oil. I hope they choose his label. I love it! It is amazing what Casey can finish when he doesn't play on his ipod or watch TV.
My awesome artist. I love Casey. The kid has some awesome skills. He feels sorry for me that I can't draw. He said, "I want to teach you, Mom."

This picture of Erik and I was taken after dinner last night. We had been working on his homework and we both felt really worn out. Yesterday felt three days long. After work, I picked the boys up, made dinner, helped everyone with homework and special projects like the olive oil label. Pedar had to finish a presentation he was giving in the morning, so he was stressed/distracted. Erik decided at bed time to be a little punkarella, causing Pedar to snap at him, causing Erik to cry, which means he wouldn't sleep. Action causes reactions, punk.
I really needed them to make up so the darn house was quiet already. It was picture day the next day so I had to figure out what to dress the boys in, meaning I needed to do laundry. I just wanted everyone to stop talking/needing me so I could pour myself a HUGE glass of red wine and sit on the couch.

On Friday we took the boys to their pediatrician for their annual visit. They got their flu shots and had their eyesight and hearing checked. The boys are doing great. Erik is in in the fifth percentile for weight, so we are going to work on getting more calories into Mr. Nibble.

After their doctor's appointment late Friday, we rushed home and packed to head up the hill to Tahoe for a brief stay so we could winterize the cabin. We got a hike in on Saturday to Eagle Falls Trail. It was beautiful. Claire, Kealii and Kekoa joined us at the cabin and they helped us put all the outdoor furniture away and put the wood on the windows and put up the snow-stakes in the driveway. We are praying for a lot of snow.

 Today was picture day. Here they are at 9 and 5-years-old. Handsome little devils.

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