Sunday, November 2, 2014

24 hours away

We dropped the kids off at Nana and Papa's on Saturday and hit the open road towards Half Moon Bay. We were finally getting away for a night without the kids. We didn't get very far when we realized it was 12:45 p.m., and we were hungry, so we stopped in Davis for lunch. Being that we were kinda-sorta celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary, we stopped at Davis Community Church to take a quick Anniversary selfie. 
We enjoyed a quick Thai lunch and I enjoyed a brief shopping spree at an awesome consignment shop, and then away we went.
We arrived to Half Moon Bay a bit after 4 p.m., checked in, packed a picnic and headed to the beach.

We took a walk and happened upon the Ritz Carlton- Wowza! It was breathtakingly beautiful. 

We kept walking and came across a couple of gorgeous horses.

Stunning sunset. There were plenty of moments during the day that we said, "Wow, the boys would love this!" 
When we told the boys we were leaving for a night Casey said, "That's good. You guys need a date." But when he asked where we were headed and we said the ocean, his face said, "You guys suck." 
That evening we went to the best place for dinner, Its Italia.  We sat outside on their beautiful patio, we even had our own little fireplace. We had a fireplace in our room as well.

We ended the evening watching the movie, About Time. It was a really good movie. I'm grateful we stumbled upon it.
We all were gifted with an extra hour today! For us that means picking up the boys at 10 instead of 11. Woot woot! The  drive back was traffic free!
Although we had moments of wishing the boys were with us, we both agree that the time to finish our thoughts without being interrupted and not making meals for anyone, was just what we needed. 
Thank you to my Mom and Dad for giving us the awesome gift of time together.

Mom and Dad took the boys to the Zoo on Saturday. They had a great time.

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