Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just be YOU today! You are enough!

On my way back home yesterday from my Uncle Denis' funeral, Bridget and I listened to this book, Carry On Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton, a.k.a., Momastery goddess. I loved listening to her book and was sad when the drive was over. Most of you probably know of her writing and her Ted Talks, but I was only a little bit familiar and I am so grateful to learn more about this remarkable woman who bravely shares her vulnerabilities to connect with others. She is Brutiful, which is Beautiful + Brutal! Here is something she shared recently on her Facebook page:

"Last night I came into Tish's room to kiss her goodnight and asked about the book she was reading. She said she loved it, but she was feeling bummed because a girl in her class can read harder books. Yeah, I said. It's a bummer when people ...can do things you can't do yet.

I reminded her that yet is a really important word.

We sat for a minute and she said: Do you think I'm smart?

I said, Yes. I think you're super smart. But here's what I also think is true. There will always, forever and ever and ever be someone smarter than you. There will be someone faster than you and funnier than you and prettier than you and fancier than you. But listen, here's the thing I can promise. You will never, ever, not anytime in your whole life find anyone who is Tishier than you. You are the Tishiest. No one will ever out-Tish you. You're the only Tishy the world has got. You're the only you. Just be you, babe. That's the only thing nobody can beat you at.

She smiled and said okay.

And when I walked out of the room she said. "Mom, You're the Glennonest."

And that is true. Nobody can beat me at being Glennon. So I'm just gonna be me today."


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