Friday, November 21, 2014

My brother is my favorite part of being at school

On Wednesday, Pedar and I went to Casey and Erik's parent teacher conferences. They both are doing very well at Mission. They are attentive students and are kind to their friends and teachers. Mrs. McClain, Erik's Kindergarten teacher asked all the students to tell her what their favorite part of school is and she wrote down their answers. Erik said, "My brother!" Cue the tears! Pedar and I may have leaked a bit at reading his answer.

This is the first year in Erik's life that he and Casey are at the same school. Although they have different classes and schedules, they attend Discovery Club after school together. Erik LOVES being with Casey and it just melted his teachers heart--ours too! Casey and Erik will only be in school together for three years and then they won't be ever again. I am going to enjoy the next 2.5 years.

I am grateful to be going home tonight and not returning to the office tomorrow. I get to watch my sweet Rita tomorrow for a bit and I am excited!

Tonight my family will have a group-hug-dance-off-party!!!

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