Monday, December 22, 2014

Fantastic day in San Francisco

My friend Tina told me that she takes her grandchildren on "Birthday experiences!" I loved this idea so much that we started doing this with the boys last year. Pedar and I want to take their actual birthday day off when we can, if we can not, we will just put aside a day for a birthday experience. They can choose, within reason, a place or event to attend for their birthday experience. The key, according to Tina, is to really plan the day and be as specific as possible. Casey chose Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in San Francisco this year--so away we went!
First Bart experience for the boys. 
We took Bart from North Concord to San Francisco. The kids enjoyed it and we loved not sitting in traffic and hunting for parking!!

We walked from the Embarcadero Bart station to Fishermans Wharf to where Ripley's Believe it or Not museum is located. We walked around five miles today! Casey has been buying these books for years! He loves this stuff!!
Favorite museum and superheroes = awesome birthday!!
This cable car is made out of toothpicks!!!
Worlds tallest man!
This artwork was made out of only shoelaces and shoes!
Very cool rooms in the museum.
Maze of mirrors was trippy!
The boys played this cool laser game. They had to get through the lasers and touch the button and get back as fast as they could! They loved it!!
We walked all the way back to the Bart station. The boys were tired but they did it and we saw so much of the city by walking!! It was a gorgeous day in the city-- like 63 degrees!!
This adorable guy had a great day! We were starving on our way home, so we stopped in Davis at Sudwerks and enjoyed dinner. I love this birthday experience tradition we have going!!
I love these boys. My heart is full of love. We are so lucky.

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