Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday, Megan

My beautiful Megan is 18-years-old today, December 10! Oh man. I can only imagine how Jeff and Lisa are feeling today. Their baby is 18!!! I was blessed to meet beautiful Megan when she was just 10 months old.  I fell in love with her and her big sis Lindsey. I mean can I get real? I married Pedar because I knew I was going to be able to keep hugging them!! She's lucky it is so late, or I would have to break my old, dusty scrapbooks out so I could show you how sweet she was as a baby!!
What do we wish for you Megan? We just want to fortify your wishes. We want them all to come true. We are so excited about your adventure at the University of Nevada, Reno. We want you to never give up. We want you to not accept No as an answer. We want you to believe you can do everything you want, because you can. We believe in you and we will be supporting you the entire way.
You are such a beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, generous, kind and loving young woman. The world truly is yours. Just decide what you want and believe that you can have it, because I see all green lights for you!! You deserve every drop of happiness you can squeeze out of this beautiful life.

Looking forward to sushi with you my sweets. Looking forward to your 21st Birthday in Vegas too! We love you, Megan!!

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