Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bye Bye Monster Bush

Yesterday Pedar took down monster bush! I left before noon to drive my parents to my Uncle Martin's wedding in the Bay Area and didn't get home till after ten. I hired our sweet friend Shelby to watch the boys so Pedar didn't have to worry about them while tackling the bush. Thankfully, Pedar's Dad, Jim, hung out with Pedar while he was cutting the bush down, chainsaws make me nervous. I've hated this bush since we first laid eyes on this house. I can finally start thinking about beautifying our front yard now!!
Before: Monster bush blocked our view of the street. It made backing out of the driveway difficult. 
One more BEFORE: The bush was so big you couldn't even see cars parked on the street.
After: You can see the street and our neighbors beautiful house! We can see people walk by our house too! Yahoo!
Our great neighbor lent us his trailer so we could fill it up and take it to the dump. We hope it will take only three trips.  One trip down. Getting ready to haul more stuff into the trailer when he returns.
We have A LOT to put in the trailer.
But it is SO worth it!

Such a happy day!! So grateful for chainsaws, muscle, can-do attitudes and a kind neighbor!!!


  1. Monster Bush be gone!!! So excited for you and it looks great!

  2. What an amazing transformation with just a few whacks!! =)

    1. Pedar would tell you it took a bit more than a few hacks, but yes, it is done!!!!