Wednesday, January 7, 2015

He sleeps weird

Every night, as were walking down the hallway towards bed, we peek into the boys rooms to check on them. We find Erik in the weirdest positions. Last night he was like this. 
And when we check on Casey, his head is generally not on a pillow, his body uncovered and he is about roll off the bed. Oh, and did you know Casey sleep talks almost every night around 10:45 p.m.? 

I'm sleepy today. My hunky man snored a lot last night. I woke him several times. I think at one point he told me to go sleep with Erik. Um, No.

This back to school thing is going OK. Erik asked me, "How many more days till we have a 'home day'?" Only three more day buddy. Waiting for one of us at Discovery Club till after 5 p.m. for pick up, gets annoying for them, but we do what we gotta do. It's hard to have enough time at night after school and work to make dinner/eat, do homework, play, bath and story. Last night we were really behind and this morning Casey had 7 a.m. band practice. Oh well, hopefully we'll get back into our rhythm soon.

Good luck everyone!! Make it a great day!


  1. Eric sounds like Charlie. He is also a weird sleeper and doesn't like pajamas so it's especially bad if he's uncovered.

  2. Yes! Winter is hard for our little guys who want to be free!!

  3. Nora,
    I adore you, your family and your posts!!! Johnny Cash's song makes my day great today!

    1. We adore you all and love you so much!!