Friday, January 30, 2015

Stem Cell Celebration Day!

Dad/Jim/Pop-Pop went into the hospital Wednesday afternoon to begin his stem cell transplant journey! Today, January 30, he received his stem cell transplant to treat his multiple myeloma. He has been waiting patiently to begin this process. We are all hoping and praying that this transplant will heal him of his myeloma symptoms!

Jim will be living at UC Davis for at least two and half weeks. The hardest part is that he cannot leave his 12 x 12 room. His immune system is very weak so we need him to take extra special care of himself. He has a small cycle exercise thing he can use to stay strong. He has his media and books. The kids cannot visit. But healthy adults can visit! 

We're praying that he doesn't experience too many yucky side effects. We're praying that his body does a beautiful dance with the stem cells. Jim said, "I am born again!" Happy Birthday, sweet Jim! 

Visitors get to wear the latest and greatest in scrubs! Get on down and try one on today!!
Awesome photo board in Jim's room.
Super Stem Cells to the rescue!!
The boys can't visit, but they send Pop-Pop huge hugs, love and encouragement! Thumbs Up, Stem Cells! Do your magic!

Please take a moment right now to close your eyes and hold Jim in your prayers. Hold Karen too. It can't be easy seeing your love not feeling well, going through some scary and yucky stuff. I know she wishes he was home. Lord knows he wishes he was home too. We are grateful for modern medicine. We are grateful for the amazing care that the UC Davis team is giving Jim. Thank you, God, for answering our prayers and giving this stem cell transplant to Jim. Please continue to heal Jim and give him the strength to power through the next few weeks. Amen.

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