Friday, February 27, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today is the day at Mission that parents decorate the teachers doors and students make cards and bring flowers and treats to their teachers!! We have the best teachers and we are so grateful for the magical spell they put on our kids!!
Here are some of my favorite doors!
Today is also "look-alike day" so the boys dressed the same!
Thank GOODNESS today is Friday! In other news, I broke my no alcohol fast for Lent last night. I made Pedar break down and have a glass with me too. I think we went nine days. I have decided instead to give up resentment, disappointment and jealousy. I want to learn how to let go of things faster. I am only hurting myself. I will continue to work on acceptance. I am also going to work on not hiding from my feelings by being busy. I am going to BE with my feelings and work on them so I can understand and move forward. I need my heart and my brain to work together more. I find that when I am upset I lead with my heart and I need to have more balance. I need my brain and heart to have a chat before I open my mouth.

Yep. Those are my goals. I am working on knowing that I AM ENOUGH! I will always be OK. I have me to depend on. If I listen to my intuition and use my brain to make smart decisions, I will be fine. It is when I don't listen to my intuition or only act with my heart, that I am not. Do you feel me? 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fixing a pool is so fun -- said no one ever!

The boys have enjoyed running around in our empty pool. The light was fixed yesterday. They found it needed more work (WHAT A SURPRISE!!) than they thought, cha ching! I'll be over here banging my head against a wall if you need me. Kisses!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How is your heart doing?

My friend asked me how my heart was doing recently and I just loved her question. 

How is your heart doing? Is it feeling hopeful and happy? Is it light and easy? It is feeling heavy and sad? 
 I hope you are not laying in bed and thinking about what didn't/isn't working well. I do that sometimes and then I can't sleep. I hope you're not beating yourself up for not doing/completing/being--you name it. 

Instead of replaying yucky moments over and over and over and over- how about we lay in bed and think about the good times we've had and the good times we want to have? Maybe that will help us recall what we were doing at the time of happiness so we can work on bringing that good feeling back? How about we allow ourselves a few moments to dream. To really allow our brains to picture the beautiful life that we really want. Isn't that better? Maybe by allowing ourselves a chance to dream we will realize what we need to do to make our hearts feel lighter and happy. 
No one can do this work for us. No one can help me prioritize my life or change my thoughts. I have to do it. We are in charge of our hearts. We are in charge of making our lives as lovely as possible. Let's all do what we need so we can be as happy as we can, everything is riding on it.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend fun

Friday night we watched the movie, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, with the kids and we all LOVED it. We think everyone should watch it. So, get to it people.

On Saturday we ran some errands and I went shopping to my favorite Consignment shop, Reloveit, with my Mom. We both found some fantastic items!

That evening, I stayed with Jim while Pedar, the boys and Mor-Mor went to cousin Deanna's house to visit with cousins who were visiting from Canada. Everyone had a great time! Thanks, Deanna!
Jim and I enjoyed the simple dinner I had brought over and some chocolate caramel brownies. We hung out and watched a little TV. Jim is doing really well and is really looking forward to being out of the house and having energy again! He has been home for over a week now from the hospital and still needs to stay away from germs so he can keep moving onward with his healing.

We got home that evening, put the kids to bed and watched St. Vincent with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. We absolutely LOVED this movie. So many good lines like, "I don't need to hear the whole story, can you skip to the punch line?" I love Bill Murray! He just keeps getting better!!
This morning Pedar and I drove my parents to Empire Mine to enjoy the gorgeous weather. My Dad hasn't ventured out of his house much since Christmas, his breathing has been troubling him, so I thought a drive to a beautiful place would be helpful.
They loved the Empire Mine and look forward to exploring Nevada City next!
Tonight, Pedar is at a work event, so the kids and I are watching a bit of the Oscars. OK, we watched about an hour and then the kids BEGGED to watch something else, so I relented. Hope everyone is ready to have a great week.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pool makeover

Here she is, our money pit. She is getting some much needed work done. The previous owners put fiberglass over the plaster and it is peeling. The tile is peeling off as well. We have a hole where once there was a pool light, so we will be fixing that as well.
We would love to be able to put in more concrete paths around the pool, maybe build a pergola, but we have blown our budget on the pool repairs. We will beautify this area someday. Feels a little wrong to be fixing a pool during this horrible drought. We are praying for rain and snow.
The pool guys showed up early this morning and got busy!
Here she is!
While the guys were jackhammering, we took a hike around Ancil Hoffman park. We had to get away from the chaos that was happening in the backyard.

And because spending a ton of money makes me feel overwhelmed, I wanted to work on something that we could complete. I was jealous of Pedar cutting down the monster bush. Dragging branches into a trailer is not as much fun! I knew it was time I learned how to use a chainsaw! Pedar gave me a quick lesson and I took on some little trees in our front yard. It was fun and easy! We have a lot of darn privets in the backyard that need to be cut down. 

The clean up part always takes twice as long as cutting the darn things down. Oops. I get a little carried away when I'm playing in the yard. It was a busy but good day. We have a ton to do, but I am excited about cleaning up the yard so we can begin making some plans on how we are going to get our place looking a lot better!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Celebrating Jen!!

Friday afternoon Carina, Jen and I drove up to Tahoe to begin our bride-2-b celebration festivities. Jen may not want to be the center of attention, but SHE is the reason we left our partners in crime on Valentines Day weekend to toast to her and Chris and the amazing journey they have begun. We cannot wait till May. The memories we made this weekend will ride us through days when we wish we could "fold the country in half" as Carina says. Maryland is a bit too far, Chris and Jen. But we will continue loving and cheering you on from our gorgeous weather in California and look forward to helping you house hunt when the time is right!

Goodbye Jen. Thank you for flying to California so we could make some wonderful memories together!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Today is a day to celebrate love. I am so lucky to be loved so beautifully. My heart is so happy. Thank you, Pedar, Erik and Casey for making my dreams come true.