Saturday, February 7, 2015

A bubble bath might be just what we all need

I think the full moon had almost everyone I know wanting to pull their hair out last week. Friday couldn't arrive soon enough!! I got off work and headed to Margery's yoga studio to pick up Rita while she teaches and so we could have some fun with the little sweetie. We haven't seen her since Christmas. She has had a wicked cough for over a month.
Got her in my car!! Yahoo!!!

Casey could not wait to hug her!!!
Very happy cousins!!

Pedar had a work event last night so he missed out on the fun! My parents were supposed to both come by to squeeze Rita as well, but my poor Dad has been struggling to get rid of a terrible cough. This time of year makes his COPD act up and he has been having a hard go of it. Nana came by and enjoyed bathing Rita and seeing her play with the boys.

My Mom LOVES to bathe babies. If she is with a baby for longer than an hour she is begging to give the baby a bath! My kids and Curly are always squeaky clean after time with Nana.

She is an angel sent from heaven

Margie arrived to pick Rita up and take her home. It was late and Pedar still wasn't back, so the boys hung out together in Casey's room to close out their fun Friday.
This morning Pedar and I filled our five green waste bins with leaves that have been rotting in front of our ivy for awhile now. One of neighbors mentioned on Nextdoor that "folks" need to pick up the piles of leaves in their front yards--especially now that all the leaves have dropped from the trees. Thanks for the shout out, neighbor! Anything else on your mind??

After our yard maintenance, Casey got picked up for a play date. Thank goodness because the boys were fighting and I was going to have to kill someone today--and I was having a hard time choosing who was going to die.

Erik and I ran some errands and when we arrived home, Ferno had been dropped off by Dagny and Dean for his sleepover. Pedar was gone visiting Jim. Jim has been feeling pretty yucky. Wish this awfulness would past quicker.
Erik and I had a good time hanging out.
Hi Ferno! Don't worry sweetie, your folks will be back tomorrow.
Ferno tried to stare down Erik for some of his snack. Nope! Denied.
We decided to tire out our fur-friends. This was Curly's second walk of the day and he was moving pretty slow. Ferno was RARING to go.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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