Monday, February 2, 2015

Fun day with fourth graders: CA Mission Fun!

Last Wednesday I drove three boys from Casey's fourth grade class and one sweet Mama to visit Mission Sonoma and the California Missions Model Museum at Cline Winery. 
This is the adobe house at Cline Winery. The kids loved seeing the hay and poop in the adobe bricks.
The mission museum at Cline Cellars has miniatures of all 21 California missions. Mrs. Cline bought them all and created the museum. 

Did you know that the museums are only a full-days horse ride away from one another, or a two-day walk? Travelers knew they could get food, rest and buy or trade for more supplies at each mission.

Father Lasuén is credited for having brought the concept to life in 1798 when he successfully argued that filling in the "spaces" along El Camino Real with additional outposts would provide much-needed rest stops, where travelers could take lodging in relative safety and comfort. Tradition has it that the padres sprinkled mustard seeds along the trail in order to mark it with bright yellow flowers.
I forgot my camera and my phone started running low so I didn't take many pictures. It was a gorgeous day and I made awesome memories with Casey, my traveling companion Mama, and his awesome fourth grade classmates. Fourth graders are so sweet!

Very cool shadow art near the Mission.
Beautiful mission. Wish we could have visited the tasting room at Cline winery. Hope to visit again soon and enjoy a picnic!

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