Friday, February 13, 2015

Grateful for so much!

Pop Pop Jim came home from the hospital today!! We are so happy he can complete his healing at home! We are happy that Karen doesn't have to drive to the hospital constantly and can care for his needs in the comfort of their home! Yeah for healing and much needed uninterrupted rest!
We welcomed Jen back to California on Wednesday! She is here so we can celebrate her bride-2-B status. Chris and Jen have less than three months to go until their big day!! I can't wait to be with them as they make a memory that they will carry with them forever! Weddings are wonderful!!
This afternoon Carina and I tried on bridesmaid dresses before heading up to Tahoe for a couple of nights of fun!!
Sue is in Hawaii and Karen is busy taking care of Jim, so we are missing them at this celebration. I printed a ton of pics of past events we have all spent together and Twanet helped place them all over the house to surprise Jen before we arrived! It was fun to search photos and take a walk down memory lane.  Twanet decorated the house as well. It is very festive and fun!

It was hard to leave Erik today. He came down with a high fever, nausea and awful cough yesterday afternoon. He's been sick all day. Pedar is taking good care of him but I hate hearing he is still sick.  When I facetimed tonight he had just thrown up all over the couch. Casey thought it was so funny-- I don't think anyone else did. I'm hoping the fever breaks tonight so tomorrow he eats and feels better. It's hard to see him so weak.
Good night everyone! I am so grateful for modern medicine, friendship, family and love. I am imagining you all healthy and happy and loving life. Just as you should be! 

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