Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ms. I.V.

This morning, after we dropped off the boys at school, Pedar and I went to visit Jim at UCD. Pedar has been several times, but my nasty cough and snotty nose has kept me away.

We arrived before 9 a.m. and scrubbed up, got the gear on and entered his new, much larger and improved room. He was able to move into his new room yesterday afternoon. YES! When we got there he was enjoying pancakes and bacon. He told us how much he enjoyed the bacon! He was excited about being served pizza soon as well. What beautiful things to hear!!

Jim is tired of his dancing partner, Ms. I.V. I asked him what he looked forward to most once he is discharged. He said, "Everything! Just being able to move around in more than a small room and not be attached to this pole."
He has to dance with Ms. Ivy to the bathroom and on his walks around the room. He thought he might be reading more during his stay, but nausea and a general "ick" feeling hasn't helped with his reading goals. He numbers haven't hit "bottom" yet, maybe tomorrow, but he is doing well. We watched him swallow huge horse pills like a boss! His nurse Grace was beautifully sweet. She told us that patients, just like nurses, all have different temperaments and working with the public introduces nurses to all kinds of folks. She said that taking care of Jim today made it her lucky day. Very sweet indeed.

Today is Jim's eighth day in the hospital. He arrived Wednesday and got his transplant Friday. We are praying that his body stays strong and fights off any infection so he can break out of his small, isolated room and go home next week. We cannot wait to see him leave this darn isolation room and go home. We are praying for continued improved health and a discharge date!!

 Please continue to hold Jim in your prayers. They are working!!!

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