Friday, February 27, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today is the day at Mission that parents decorate the teachers doors and students make cards and bring flowers and treats to their teachers!! We have the best teachers and we are so grateful for the magical spell they put on our kids!!
Here are some of my favorite doors!
Today is also "look-alike day" so the boys dressed the same!
Thank GOODNESS today is Friday! In other news, I broke my no alcohol fast for Lent last night. I made Pedar break down and have a glass with me too. I think we went nine days. I have decided instead to give up resentment, disappointment and jealousy. I want to learn how to let go of things faster. I am only hurting myself. I will continue to work on acceptance. I am also going to work on not hiding from my feelings by being busy. I am going to BE with my feelings and work on them so I can understand and move forward. I need my heart and my brain to work together more. I find that when I am upset I lead with my heart and I need to have more balance. I need my brain and heart to have a chat before I open my mouth.

Yep. Those are my goals. I am working on knowing that I AM ENOUGH! I will always be OK. I have me to depend on. If I listen to my intuition and use my brain to make smart decisions, I will be fine. It is when I don't listen to my intuition or only act with my heart, that I am not. Do you feel me? 

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  1. Yes! I feel you!

    I love the pics!!! So many happy memories!