Monday, March 2, 2015

Giving the backyard a hug

But before we get to the fun we had in our backyard this weekend, we first had a little fun with our pipes! On Friday we came home to this mess. The pool guys forgot to put the cap on the sewer clean-out. We thought that was the worst of our problems, but then the toilets started backing up and the shower and bathtub starting filling with yuck as well! Thankfully, Pedar was able to rent this awesome machine from Emigh Hardware for only $30 and unclog our pipe. A little bleach and this is now just a bad memory.

Our backyard needs a hug. I would love to drop some serious cash back here, but what we will be able to do is just continue to clean it up, remove bushes and trim trees and keep working on small projects until they all touch one another. Because we are fixing the pool, we thought we should start in that area. 

I don't know if this is right, and I plan on taking some landscaping classes, but I like to start with the walls of the garden, then the flooring, then build the rooms and then decorate. I don't like looking at fences and I like privacy. 

At Oxbow, a neighbor had dug a pool and not removed soil, so his yard was three feet higher than normal. He could mow his lawn and look right over our fence. I planted photinia along that fence, and it took awhile, but eventually it grew tall and dense and we had the privacy we wanted. So, that is what we did this weekend in the pool area. We planted 32 photinia plants.
When I look at this picture, I see a ton of stuff I want to do! I want to remove the terrible rotting deck behind the garage and on the back of the house. I want to remove all grass close to the house and put in hardscape. Behind the garage, I would love to build a guest house, yeah, I said it, that is my dream, so I'm putting it out there. So for now, I would like to make this area a large garden area. We need to remove the dead tree and clean up this entire overgrown area. I would love to create a winding path that goes completely around the large area of the yard and meets up to the current path. We would only have grass on the inside of the path and believe me, that is plenty. The garden beds would be at least ten feet in width from the fence line. I need to create another privacy hedge to block our neighbors solar panels as well.
I have been daydreaming about our yards for a few weeks now and I woke up Saturday morning and just knew we needed to get started. We headed to POW Nursery . This is my favorite nursery and we have been going here for over ten years. The prices are awesome and Bill is so helpful. Every plant he has recommended has survived.

These large photinia plants that the boys are standing next to cost about $49 each. If we had bought 32 of these, we would be out $1568. We spent $3.95 I believe, and bought a few other items and walked out for less than $200. Yeah, when you put the baby plants in the ground, it is a little sad to not see a difference at all, but eventually, the plant grows and it makes the time and effort f so worth it. You must feed your plants if you want them to be big, healthy and beautiful. 
We stopped at Silverado on our way home to get some soil for our new plants and we fell in love with a few ideas. Pedar is going to build a screen around the pool equipment and I would love to create an L shape bench that looks like the one above to sit in front of it. This is the same tile as the coping on our pool.
Who has a fountain they do not want anymore? I want to create this awesome succulent display!!
I would love a potting bench. This one is gorgeous!
This idea is so simple and so pretty!
We need to take out this darn privet tree. It is huge! I did break out the chainsaw again and we trimmed it up for the time being. We hope to take it out soon. We need an entire weekend to trim trees and go to the dump.
We first measured the fence line and divided by 5, the plants should be five feet apart, that is how we came to 32 plants.  On Sunday, while I was out having lunch with Margie, Pedar put in the drip hose. He was going to teach me how to set up the drip hoses, but he finished it all while I was out. I will learn next time. I am very grateful that Pedar loves to garden! Many hands make light work in a yard this size. 
This is how tiny the plants look now that they are in the ground. Forgot to take a picture after Pedar finished the drip lines. I fed each new plant yesterday and then, from my lips to God's ears, it rained last night!! How awesome is that!!!!


  1. That is awesome!!! You're love of gardening is contagious. Please do keep up the updates. Thanks for reminding me to feed my plants!❤️💦

  2. You got it, my sweets! I love you, Dawn!!