Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Never ending cough

Pedar and I had a cough in January. Then Erik got it in February. His came with a fever and vomiting. Now Casey has it. He stayed home with me today. He coughed all night long. He coughed all weekend. At one point on Saturday night in our hotel, I sighed loudly, slapped the bed and said, "I hate this night!" I don't like feeling so anxious, but hearing coughing is just the worst!! He sleeps for just short time periods and then wakes up coughing so hard he almost vomits. Yuck. Really hoping we can help him kick this bug quickly. Thankfully he already presented his Mission project.

We picked up Erik from Kindergarten and headed home for a hot lunch together.  I'm just going to love these little cuties and make them smile. They are my sun-shines, my sweet sun-shines!!


  1. Poor Casey! I hope his icky cough goes away soon!

  2. Thanks Dawn!!! He is feeling a little better today!! Love you.