Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yosemite Fun

Pedar and Casey have been gone all week in Yosemite. Erik and I are missing them. The house is SO quiet. Our neighbors across the street are gone too, so Erik is really missing his playtime buddies. I'm too boring and my brain is so full from my new job that I just want to lay down on my bed and not do or think about anything. He woke up this morning and asked, "Only one more sleep till they get home, right?!" Yes, buddy! One more sleep!
Their cabin in housekeeping is pretty swanky. They got really lucky on the weather too! It has been nice and warm during the day and not too cold at night! Hurrah!
I love these two goofy cuties!
This handsome guy sent me a gorgeous photo of Mirror Lake. The lake is all right, I'm too busy checking out the man! How you doing? You should call me sometime, OK?
Pedar said Casey loved getting up and grabbing a cup of cocoa every morning before leaving on a hike.
Each evening, the group enjoys performing in skits and hearing the sweet musical talents of parents and teachers. The hiking parents give awards to the kids every evening and share stories about their adventures.
Casey on a trust walk.
Last night, Casey was given the "Zen Hiker" award because they said he never complains, is quiet and really easy! Well done, Casey. Pedar is a hiking parent on the trip--but kids are not with their parents in hiking groups, so Pedar LOVED hearing that Casey was being a good kid.
I was sent this kiss last night. So sweet.
I received this picture this morning. The kids getting ready to go on their last hike of the week. Tomorrow they will pack up and go for a bike ride and then head on home. Can't wait to squeeze them!!
I'm looking forward to visiting Yosemite soon. I haven't been in 13 years. Special thank you to Mor Mor, Pops, Nana and Papa for picking up Erik this week from school so he didn't have to hang out in DC all day and for feeding us dinner. We are lucky, so damn lucky!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Become one of #SawyersWarriors

I noticed on Sunday that my friends Erin and Kelly were posting a lot of pictures of their youngest son, eight-year-old Sawyer, on Facebook. They weren't wishing him a Happy Birthday. They weren't congratulating him for another school award that they usually celebrate. It was just a bunch of gorgeous pictures of Sawyer.

Something felt weird. That feeling in my gut started and wouldn't stop. I didn't like it at all. I reached out to Erin. I asked her if everything was OK? She replied with a message no one ever wants to receive. On Sunday April 26th, Sawyer was diagnosed with an intussusception caused by a "mass" on his intestine. Later it was determined that the mass was cancerous and that there were several other nodules in his abdomen. The next day Sawyer spent 6 hours in surgery where they removed as much of the mass as possible, cut out a section of his intestine, created a stoma, drilled into his hips to check his bone marrow, and added a chemo port to his chest.

Since then, Sawyer is healing from surgery gearing up for an epic battle. Even though plans for chemo have been laid, they are still waiting for confirmation of the biopsy. The Oncology team believe all signs point to at least stage 3 Burkitt's Lymphoma. Once Sawyer's in remission he can have another surgery to reattach his intestine to his colon.

Please help me in showing this awesome family support so they can do what they need to do to help Sawyer.

Click here to make a donation to Sawyer's Warriors.

Please pray that Sawyer is completely healed as quickly as his gorgeous body can allow. Thank you.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I love you, MORE

Lately, when I tell Erik that I love him, he tells me that he loves me more. It warms me to my toes when he says this and makes me tear up all at the same time. I want to tell him, "That's not possible, little buddy!" But that wouldn't be a grateful response, so I just say, "Thank you!" 

I think we need to love one another more. When we find ourselves holding back, and making a mental list of what we've done and what they've done, we just need to delete that damn list and LOVE MORE.

When we're angry at someone, but we want to repair the relationship, we need to LOVE more.

When we don't understand why someone or an entire group of people is so angry, we need to LOVE MORE.

When our friends are scared and hurting, we need to not shy away from them because we don't know what to do, we need to LOVE more.
If I haven't had the chance to tell you how much I love you lately, I apologize. I love you. I'm cheering for you. I'm hoping you catch yourself smiling today for no reason. I wish I could sit across from you and hear what is going on inside your beautiful brain. Turn the music up in your car and rock out and pretend I'm beside you whipping my head around, OK? Thank you.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Make it a magical Monday!

Woo. The boys 4:30 a.m. wake up time was UGLY this morning. But, they are off. They arrived in Housekeeping in Yosemite safe and sound! Let the hiking and fun begin! It is so fun to check out the Yosemite Webcams--It helps me feel a little closer to them! Pedar just sent me these two pictures.

Now THAT is an outdoor classroom!

Erik and I sleepily got to school and work as well. Bring on the week!
Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy 40th Birthday. It was a great weekend. I wrapped it up with a champagne brunch with Margery and a happy hour with my dear Melanie. Margery performed her one-woman show on Saturday night with my talented guitarist friend Mike Bender. They had over 75 people attend at a friends private residence. Margery had/still has a wicked sinus infection so she didn't feel like she gave her best performance, but most people said they loved every minute! Her friend posted a video of her rehearsing before the show, so I took a video of that video. It know, it's messy, but it is all I have right now!

I am looking forward to seeing and sharing better video! She had a professional friend record! It was hard not to go to the performance, I don't think I've ever missed one, but I felt better knowing she was surrounded by so many that love her.

We have found a new fun hobby-hula hooping! I love that the boys are working hard to get better at it as well. Oh!! Casey is almost riding a unicycle too! We have so many cousins that can ride it, he can't wait to ride it too! Hope you move your body today and have some fun!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Drip line fun. Self watering saves water!

Saturday morning, after Pedar dropped off the kids to Mor Mor and Pops for the day (THANK YOU for gifting me with an entire day--the camping towel is cool too!!!) we finally completed drip irrigation in our front yard flowerbeds. I have been hand watering for over a year now and my poor plants are barely surviving. I asked Pedar to teach me how to install drip systems because if I am going to keep putting plants in the ground, I need to be able to keep them alive as well!
This is a timer and back-flow preventer, it keeps contaminents from going back into our water supply. We also have a pressure reducer here, so our plants receive a slower amount of water.
I can't wait to see how well these plants do now that they will be receiving regular water!
We laid out the tube and then used a punch tool to place the emitters. Pedar set it up for automation by using a hose-end-timer.
Just punch a hole right into the tube!

Then push the emitter into the tube.

Each plant needs an emitter.
Makes me consider planting larger plants so I have less work. Ha ha ha!
This is how you end each line. You just fold it in half and crimp it off with this hose clamp.
Last step is to just cover the tubes with bark! Voila. Set it and forget it. Now these sweet little plants will receive regular water! We can go away now and not come back to dead plants! Hurrah!
We did it! We only have one small flower bed in front to complete. I love knowing how to do this! After we completed this project we went for a hike in Folsom and then enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner and then we picked up the boys. Pedar and Casey have been getting ready all weekend for their week long trip to Yosemite. They leave tomorrow at 5 a.m. Erik and I will miss them, but we know they are going to have a terrific time!! Can't wait to hear their stories.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

40 is AWESOME!

Yep. Here we are. We are 40!! Happy Birthday, Margery. I will be cheering you on tonight while you sing your heart out! I love you. Thank you for bringing Rita into our lives. We love you both so much!
I am so lucky to wake up to these two cuties! I have so much to be grateful for--so, let's make a list!

In no particular order, here is what I love about my life. My top 40 list!!

  1. Pedar
  2. Erik
  3. Casey
  4.  Curly
  5.  Parents
  6. Grandparents
  7. Sisters
  8. Brothers
  9. Ava, Lola, Liam, Lila and Rita(and a ton of other precious ones I adore!!)
  10. Aunts
  11. Uncles
  12. Cousins
  13. Neighbors
  14. Friends
  15. Girlfriends
  16. Yom's
  17. Coffee
  18. Red Wine
  19.  My house
  20. My job
  21. My neighborhood
  22. My health and my family and loved ones health
  23. Music
  24. Dancing
  25. Gardening
  26. Laughing
  27. Working
  28. Playing
  29. Loving
  30. Writing
  31. Reading
  32.  Delicious food
  33. Time with girlfriends
  34. Time alone
  35. Blogging
  36. Reading other blogs
  37. Dreaming
  38. Fantasizing
  39. Traveling (hoping for more!)
  40. Planning( I do love to plan!)

I relate to this movie a bit, yeah, I do.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Feeling grateful


I am closing out my first week at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California.  Take a minute to visit their brand new website. I'll be going through each awesome webpage  the next few weeks to ensure the information is easy to read and that necessary info can be found easily.

Maybe take a moment to support Shriners by clicking on the following:
By following these pages you will be a witness to my work. Cheer me on, would you? If you live in Northern California, you can be proud to live so close to a regional pediatric medical center that provides highly specialized care and rehabilitation to children with congenital conditions and complex medical needs, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Walking these halls have made me pause this week. I admit to tearing up a few times. Tough stuff happens here. But life changing surgeries and care is here too. The volunteers alone are amazing. If you are looking for a place to make a difference, choose Shriners.
I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to help an organization share their message so that they can help so many more. Feels really good.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Open House. Teddy Bear Picnic

On Friday I went on a field trip with Erik's class. We all walked to Mission North Park to enjoy a Teddy Bear (or whatever stuffed animal friend you want to bring) Picnic. It was very sweet and I loved spending time with the parents that I will be with for years to come!
Later that evening, we went to Mission Avenue's Open House. I love seeing the kids artwork and projects and I enjoy going into the next years classrooms and making the kids introduce themselves to their future teachers. Erik's drawing was the only with an animal pooping. We're so proud.
I love these couches! We now have two! The kids make them in kindergarten. Erik's couch is the blue one. He included Curly. Casey's is the red couch.
Casey's boot drawing.
Pedar and Mrs. McClain, Erik's teacher. We ADORE her.
Before Open House, Mor Mor and Pop Pop came over for dinner and we showed them our selfie stick! A little blurry, but a really good time!
Because Casey is part of student leadership he helped serve pizza at Open House. We're so proud of Casey. He has served his role as Commissioner of Publicity really well. He introduced himself to the fifth grade teachers and they both mentioned that they recognized him from student leadership.
Casey's artwork at Open House. A little disturbing but great drawing none the less.
On Saturday we celebrated Nana's 65th Birthday! The kids were swimming and having a great time so I forgot to get pictures!
The pool is open and the boys are loving it! We're hoping to get Erik a few lessons soon. He just needs to learn some key strokes. He fell out of a large raft at our neighbors house this weekend and panicked. That was sad to see. We need to help him feel more confident.
One picture from Saturday. The kids had a great time! On Sunday I went on a hike with Lara and we had a great lunch. And then later that evening a bunch of Mission families got together for dinner. It was a great evening. It was over so quickly. Hope you have plans to have a great week!!! Pedar and Casey leave for Yosemite for a week on Monday, so they are rushing around preparing. Sadly, it looks like it may be REALLY cold when they are there. Oh well, layers and layers for the win!!