Sunday, April 26, 2015

Drip line fun. Self watering saves water!

Saturday morning, after Pedar dropped off the kids to Mor Mor and Pops for the day (THANK YOU for gifting me with an entire day--the camping towel is cool too!!!) we finally completed drip irrigation in our front yard flowerbeds. I have been hand watering for over a year now and my poor plants are barely surviving. I asked Pedar to teach me how to install drip systems because if I am going to keep putting plants in the ground, I need to be able to keep them alive as well!
This is a timer and back-flow preventer, it keeps contaminents from going back into our water supply. We also have a pressure reducer here, so our plants receive a slower amount of water.
I can't wait to see how well these plants do now that they will be receiving regular water!
We laid out the tube and then used a punch tool to place the emitters. Pedar set it up for automation by using a hose-end-timer.
Just punch a hole right into the tube!

Then push the emitter into the tube.

Each plant needs an emitter.
Makes me consider planting larger plants so I have less work. Ha ha ha!
This is how you end each line. You just fold it in half and crimp it off with this hose clamp.
Last step is to just cover the tubes with bark! Voila. Set it and forget it. Now these sweet little plants will receive regular water! We can go away now and not come back to dead plants! Hurrah!
We did it! We only have one small flower bed in front to complete. I love knowing how to do this! After we completed this project we went for a hike in Folsom and then enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner and then we picked up the boys. Pedar and Casey have been getting ready all weekend for their week long trip to Yosemite. They leave tomorrow at 5 a.m. Erik and I will miss them, but we know they are going to have a terrific time!! Can't wait to hear their stories.

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  1. Hurray for learning how to put in drop systems! I admire that you were able to keep your plants alive for a year with hand watering.