Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun times

Sunday morning, Carina and I met to find bridesmaid shoes for Jen's wedding. We are less than a month away from Chris and Jen's big day!
We love you, Jen!!
So many awesome choices!!
We found these cuties at Payless ShoeSource for $29 and they are really comfortable! After shopping, I rushed Erik to a birthday party. He had the best time! I loved chatting with other Kindergarten Mama's. I can't believe it is almost over already!
Our neighbor is building this amazing skate ramp in his backyard. The kids have been having a blast on it and it isn't even done yet!!
Sunday evening we celebrated Karen's Birthday. Had a great time with some fantastic ladies!!
The boys spent the evening with Pops and scootering around. It was a fun and busy weekend. Hope you all have a great week planned. Erik and I are on our way to visit my Dad who had foot surgery last week. He is doing well, but needs a bit of cheering up. Off we go!  
Going to finish painting the bridge in our backyard this week. We started painting it last weekend but got busy and need to break out the sprayer again. We are painting it the same gray as the house.

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