Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Sleepy morning! The kids found the bunny feet and then they found their baskets!

We made it to church! It was fun to see our family/cousins and the sermon was beautiful at St. John's. After church we rushed home to prepare to host lunch for the Bailey's.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch and then an awesome egg hunt!!
In honor of Uncle Denis and Papa, Margery wrote riddles and hid "money" eggs around the house! The kids loved it!! This tradition is sticking!

The kids helped me stuff eggs for the hunt.

We went to Dagny and Dean's for dinner and had a fantastic time!! Michael and Katie's boys, Luke and Adam and our boys had a great time!! Thank you, Dagny and Dean!
After Dean, Pedar and Mike had hidden all the eggs, Dean caught this little guy stealing an egg!
 Hope you all had a fantastic Easter. Night night!

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  1. Happy Easter dear friends! Glad you all had such fun. You are inspiring, perhaps I will get to my blog this week.