Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yosemite Fun

Pedar and Casey have been gone all week in Yosemite. Erik and I are missing them. The house is SO quiet. Our neighbors across the street are gone too, so Erik is really missing his playtime buddies. I'm too boring and my brain is so full from my new job that I just want to lay down on my bed and not do or think about anything. He woke up this morning and asked, "Only one more sleep till they get home, right?!" Yes, buddy! One more sleep!
Their cabin in housekeeping is pretty swanky. They got really lucky on the weather too! It has been nice and warm during the day and not too cold at night! Hurrah!
I love these two goofy cuties!
This handsome guy sent me a gorgeous photo of Mirror Lake. The lake is all right, I'm too busy checking out the man! How you doing? You should call me sometime, OK?
Pedar said Casey loved getting up and grabbing a cup of cocoa every morning before leaving on a hike.
Each evening, the group enjoys performing in skits and hearing the sweet musical talents of parents and teachers. The hiking parents give awards to the kids every evening and share stories about their adventures.
Casey on a trust walk.
Last night, Casey was given the "Zen Hiker" award because they said he never complains, is quiet and really easy! Well done, Casey. Pedar is a hiking parent on the trip--but kids are not with their parents in hiking groups, so Pedar LOVED hearing that Casey was being a good kid.
I was sent this kiss last night. So sweet.
I received this picture this morning. The kids getting ready to go on their last hike of the week. Tomorrow they will pack up and go for a bike ride and then head on home. Can't wait to squeeze them!!
I'm looking forward to visiting Yosemite soon. I haven't been in 13 years. Special thank you to Mor Mor, Pops, Nana and Papa for picking up Erik this week from school so he didn't have to hang out in DC all day and for feeding us dinner. We are lucky, so damn lucky!!!


  1. It looks like they had a super week in Yosemite! Glad to hear the weather was nice. I'm not surprised Casey was awarded "Zen Hiker" award. Casey is a loving Zen Master! ❤️

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures! Did they come back with any wild animal stories?