Sunday, May 3, 2015

Added a little spice to our bedroom!

Our bedroom is really big and blah. We haven't done much to it since we moved. We basically just put our furniture in it, hung two pictures and called it a day.
I had these blue frames hanging in my office for awhile. Pedar put wire in them and I clipped pictures to them. I took them down from my office and brought them home to fix the wires, but the other day I was inspired to make something out of them. I decided my bedroom needed some COLOR. I went to Jo-Ann's and found this gorgeous orange and gold material. I decided the frames needed to be gold and glamorous, so I bought some spray paint.
Love you, Glitter Blast!
Painted the frames and then I used the nail gun to put the material inside. All I need now is to put them up on the wall. I love the added color. Spray paint and material = instant artwork! Our room looks like it got a hug.
I also put these awesome butterflies up that we bought on our honeymoon in Jamaica 14 years ago. They have lived in our kitchen, bathrooms and other wall spaces before, and now they live in our bedroom. I love them. Now we just need to keep clutter off our dressers. That will be the hardest task of all! We are looking forward to building a window seat in our room this summer. Poor Curly has been waiting almost two years to be able to look out the window!
Feels good to finish a project. Looking forward to finishing more.