Friday, May 15, 2015

Broken nose? Maybe. Damnit to hell.

Boys are physical. I knew that, but man, they wrestle and fight a little too much for my liking.

Wednesday night the boys were out in the backyard playing soccer. Erik is getting really good at soccer. I don't think Casey likes it that Erik can get the ball from him. I was making dinner and looking out from time to time. Pedar was working late. I was watching Casey get a little aggressive and I was just about to say something when I heard crying. Damnit to hell.
I hate hearing crying. Did I mention my office is right next door to the burn clinic. Yeah. Some days there is a lot of crying! Can you hold me please? I digress.
Erik comes inside. Casey looks guilty. I first almost shut the sliding door and lock Casey outside. I just can't handle the excuses. Why is it ALWAYS Erik the one that is hurt?? Erik's nose is bleeding and he is crying really hard. You can't really tell from the picture above, but his nose and center of his forehead were really swollen. This was taken a couple of hours after the incident. I didn't see what happened, but Erik told me that Casey tripped him and shoved him down. His face hit the grass. I kind of wanted to shove Casey's face in the grass--but I believe in karma, I'll just let it do its thing.

Here he is this morning. Just a little bruising and swelling still. I don't think Erik is safe playing with his giant, aggressive brother. When Casey doesn't outweigh him by twice his weight, it might be safe then. The thing is, Erik loves Casey so much. He looks at him like he is some kind of superhero. Ugh.

At our school, the Kindergarten play yard is separate from the big kids play yard, because of crap like this. Big guys forget to be careful--they only want to win. That is the lesson of the day. Is the win worth it? Do you really want to hurt someone that loves/likes/admires/wants-to-play-with-you just to prove your bigger and better at something? I kind of think that might mean you're not as good as you think, if you have to be a brute about it.

Just say no to being a brute. Play nice. Have fun. Don't make me lose my shit because I will and it will be UGLY!!!!

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