Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jen!

What a great birthday party you had last Saturday, Jen! I wish we had sung to you. This 20 x 2 = ?? birthday is kind of big deal, but I think you are playing it down a little bit. I get it. It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn't it??!!

We love you, sweet girl. We know Chris will make sure you smile a lot today and that makes us so happy!!

In random order, here are pictures from your awesome wedding weekend. 
Reverend P and Dizzle
We met this guy in the parking lot of the hotel after the wedding.
The YOM's (your other mother) had a lot of fun!

Making our bouquets.
Jen's gorgeous bouquet. I held it in my lap. Didn't want it to get hurt.
The YOMs did a GORGEOUS job on the flowers!!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! You captured some AWESOME moments with wonderful pictures!!! I love you and I'm so, so thankful that you and Pedar were here last weekend. It just would not have been the same if either of you weren't here. Can we plan a reunion? You are simply amazing - such an inspiration to me (and many others!). Thank you! Love you and miss you!

  2. I love you more! I wish I had taken more but I was having too much fun!!