Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here comes Summer!

Here it comes. We can almost taste it!!
The boys are on countdown for Summer vacation. School is out next Thursday, June 4 and back in on Thursday, August 13. Eight weeks of no homework. We don't have gigantic plans for the Summer, just a couple of camping trips and a lot of playtime by the pool.
I just want the boys to relax and play outside till dark. The kids will be at Discovery Club at their school most mornings until a grandparent can scoop them up and hang out with them while we are at work. I am grateful for grandparents. Casey is going to a skateboarding and rock climbing camp. Erik is excited about his soccer camp. I'm excited about playing outside and enjoying the warm evenings.

What are your summer plans? Here is a short list of items I want to do this Summer:
1. Attend a concert in the park, or three
2. Ride our bikes to breakfast/lunch/dinner every weekend
3. Take long bike rides
4. Teach boys to make simple meals
5. Go hiking
6. Host a lot of swim parties
7. Art and craft time
8. Dance and karaoke fun
9. Clean up backyard
10. Hug a lot of family and friends