Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday we celebrated Dagny's birthday and Jim's freedom to eat out since his stem cell transplant. It has been awhile since he was able to be out in public and eat at a restaurant!
Saturday morning we took it slow. We did some art projects and Pedar borrowed our neighbors rider mower so we could mow down our dead grass. The kids took turns driving it, they loved it. Rita came over for a bit as well. We're looking forward to removing the grass in the front yard this fall. We want to put in a path to the front door, but we'll see what our budget can afford.
Later in the day, Liam and Lila came over for a sleepover. We had a belated 8th birthday celebration for Liam. The kids had a blast.
They all slept on the living room floor.
We enjoyed a big breakfast the next morning.
We went to a fundraiser for Sawyer Saturday morning. This is a picture of the boys with Charlie, Sawyer's brother, and a classmate. A lot of Sawyers classmates were shaving their heads to show their support.
This is Erin and her Dad, Doug. He shaved his head to support sweet Sawyer. Erin's sister shaved her head too!
We got back to the house and kept working on our Spring cleaning projects. We cleaned the windows and started removing a rotting deck. Erik was really helpful with cleaning the screens and removing the nails from the deck. Thanks, buddy!
We want to remove this deck, remove all the dead grass and put in decomposed granite and some pavers this fall. The plan is to add some seating and a fire pit. Look at all these great ideas.


Around 4ish we drove the kids to Margery's house because we were headed out to dinner and to see The Waterboys at Ace of Spades with Pedar's co-workers. Dinner at the Press was amazing. The bands were great too, but the Waterboys didn't come on till after 9 p.m. and it was a school night, so we didn't stay long. We needed to get the boys and get them to bed! Thank you, Margery for taking care of the boys. They loved spending time at your new place and with Rita!

It was a fantastic weekend. Hope you all had a good one too!

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