Monday, June 29, 2015

Weigh What Matters

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a super fun weekend! We had plans with a ton of friends and a nice long morning watching Rita. Friday we had our awesome friends, the Ray's over. We swam and played and laughed. We love them so much. Saturday morning we watched Rita. Pedar went to soccer coach training that morning. He had a good time. That afternoon Tiffani and Hans came over for swim time . We had a blast and I need to thank Tiffani for being so patient as I tried to clean my living room rug in the driveway. It was hot and I knew it would dry quickly and I just really needed to clean it. It may not be completely stain free, but it is so much better. That evening we went over to Lillie's house and met her new puppy and enjoyed a delicious meal! Pedar went to high school with Lillie's folks and now we are all at Mission with our kids! Love Jason and Jenny, Lillie's folks.
Sunday morning we rode our bikes to Whole Foods for breakfast. This was the first time Erik didn't ride the trailer bike. He took his own ride. He listened pretty well and didn't veer off in traffic as I had worried he might. Yeah, Erik!

Leila is so adorable. We loved puppy time.
Hans and Casey

Saturday morning with Rita while Margery teaches.

We wrapped up the weekend with the Mac-Weeden's and their three cutie pies. Wish I had taken more pictures of everyone and their awesome kids, but I was in the pool and having too much fun! Hope you all had a good weekend! Looking forward to more fun this weekend!!

New fence!

Last week we got a new fence. This is a picture of our old fence. The previous owners only had a bit of jasmine growing on it. I cut that back for now but it will grow back. Thankfully, our other fences are doing pretty well. Our yard is big, which makes for expensive fences. Ugh. We may need to replace the one near the pool, but I think we have a couple of more years.
Fence down.

Thanks to Nana and Papa for watching Curly while the fence was down.

New fence. Just need to stain it now.
The gate will be finished later this week. Brian King at Green Thumb Landscape Solutions is wonderful. If you need a new fence or even landscape design help, he can make it happen! His email is
I stained our andirondack chairs again this past week. They are almost ten years old and still doing great.
This is my vision for this area off the house. Decomposed granite and perennials. Looking forward to making this happen in September or October.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Damn hot

Yesterday was so hot. I tried to not let it get to me, but man, it gets scary when it's that hot. We had had our friends over and we thankfully just stayed in the pool until it was cool enough to go inside and eat. We couldn't eat outside, hell
No. Today should be better. Next week is going to be wicked. Here we go summer. Here we go. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Equal dignity in the eyes of the law

Celebrating!!!! ‪#‎MarriageEqualityForAll‬ ‪#‎LoveWins‬ ‪#‎SCOTUS
I was fortunate to attend Erin and Kelly's wedding last year. See  my crying face? This was the moment that Charlie, Erin's son, walked down to her. It was a beautiful day because of the way they love one another, their chidren, friends and family. We celebrated their commitment to one another.
I love that someday soon we will just say, "I'm going to a wedding." Not, I'm going to a gay wedding. A lot of little boys and girls grew up not knowing if they would ever be able to get married in front of their family and friends.I don't want to read about partners being blocked from hospitals rooms because their state or family members won't recognize them as their spouse.
I love that my kids already don't question if gay couples can get married. I love that when my friends kiss and hold hands, they just see two people being affectionate and don't question it at all. I love celebrating love. Isn't it all we want? To be loved and to love? YES!!! Now, let's focus on seeing one another as just humans that want to be happy. Stop hating. Stop judging. START LOVING and helping one another as much as we can.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Anniversary June couples!!

I wanted to take a moment to wish several couples happy anniversary! We are fortunate to know a lot of happy couples that got married in June. If I have accidentally overlooked your beautiful day, it doesn't mean I don't adore you, it just means my brain can only hold so much information! Happy Anniversary June couples! Hugs to you all!
Leif and Sierra celebrated 14 years on June 2. 
Happy Anniversary!
Carina and Aaron celebrated 9 years on June 10. 
Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great birthday, Aaron!!
Karen and Jim celebrated 45 years on June 20!
Happy Anniversary!
Dagny and Dean celebrated their FIRST anniversary on June 21! Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sierra!

We hope your family spoils you today! We hope your friends make you laugh till your sides hurt! Love you!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Embrace the chaos

I bought myself this little four-by-four-inch art square for my office from the UC Davis Hospital gift shop. There are all kinds of fun treats in the gift shop. Oh, they have chocolate and cards too!

What does keeping your heart open mean to you?

I think it is about being empathetic and loving, no matter what is going on in your life. It is about asking questions and learning all I can before I make an opinion. It is easy for me to remain open when things are going well and everyone is getting along, but when I'm angry, sick, tired, or just don't understand, I have to work really hard at staying open. I have to remind myself to meet people where they are at, to try and understand their point of view, rather than jump to judging, criticizing, dismissing, and making them wrong. 
I want to work at opening my heart when I feel inclined to close it. I want to widen my circle. I want to know more people. I want to assume less. I want to have hard conversations. I want to get to know the people in my life even MORE. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Best Dad Ever

You know what is programmed in my phone for Pedar?

Best. Dad. Ever. 

Happy Father's Day, Pedar. We love you so much!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day Weekend! Let's celebrate Dads!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to Pedar's Dad and to all the fathers out there supporting and loving their children and families!
If your lucky enough to be able to, this weekend ask your Dad why he is proud of you and then tell him why you are proud of him! Ask him what he has learned from you and then tell him what you have learned from him.

I really loved this video. These people were very brave. I don't think I could get the words out if I tried to tell my Dad why I am proud of him. I am proud of my Dad for many reasons.

My parents were very young when they got married, 21 and 22. They were very young parents, 22 and 23. My Dad is a Vietnam Veteran. He studied and became an Air Traffic Controller. He lost his job on August 3, 1981 along with 11,345 other controllers. I was six-years-old. I remember being on the news as one of the families interviewed. My parents had three daughters under 9-years-old, a mortgage and were hours away from their family members. But they stayed in Sacramento and they made it work. I am proud of the way my parents have shown me that you can always start again. 

I am proud of the way my Dad always provided for our family, by working two jobs and graveyard shifts and odd jobs. I am proud that he stopped drinking when I was 12-years-old. I am proud that he fought to stay married to my Mom. I am proud of him for helping others stay sober. I admire his faith in God and I admire how damn friendly he is to everyone. I admire his work with Veterans. I like that he is a straight shooter. I love his sense of humor and sharpness. I love that he really believes that hard work, can and will, solve most problems. I know he loves me and is proud of me and I am grateful that he has gotten more thoughtful and affectionate in his golden years. I love you, Dad.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Time just keeps marching on doesn't it? Today's worries will soon be just memories. I need to remind myself to stop wasting time worrying. This weekend our neighbor dropped by and told us we need to replace a fence and it put me in a bit of a financial despair tailspin. I don't want to waste time worrying about paying for little things that in the long run won't matter. I hope in a few years from now I won't be as worried about home repairs or our non-existing savings account. But even if I am still thinking about that stuff, I hope I have mastered the practice of being present, rather than letting my worries suck away my day/week/month.

These two need me to focus on what is going well. They are enough of a reason to smile and dance all day long.
#ThrowbackThursday (February 2009)

Today (June 2015) in front of St.John's.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lapping everyone on the couch!

Last night after work we went on a family run! Pedar and I ran, Casey scooted and Erik road his bike. I am trying to prepare for Eppies Great Race on July 18. I signed up to do the entire darn thing, something about turning 40 and wanting to try it ALL BY MYSELF. So, being me, I of course started preparing for the race last week, because I am super smart like that.
Anyhoo, I'm going to do it, and most likely make more 70-year-old friends while I run/bike/kayak. Yes, I am insinuating that I am slow, and I run and bike about the same speed as someone 30 years older than me. But that is OK. I am lapping everyone on the couch! I had a fun time kayaking this weekend and I've done the run and bike leg of Eppie's so I feel prepared. Now I just need to hope for kind weather on July 18. It is usually really hot, which kind of sucks all reserved energy right on out of you.
Casey and Erik are at Vacation Bible School at St. John's Lutheran Church this week. They are making new friends and having a good time. We are grateful to Mor Mor and Pops for being able to pick them up in the afternoon and hang out with them till we get off of work! Thank you!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm on the move

I forgot that our public relations director at Shriners was going to announce my new role in the Sacramento Business Journal. Last week I received a lot of texts and emails congratulating me on my new job. I was a little surprised because I've been here for almost two months. But now I get it, they read the announcement. 

Pedar told me this weekend that I seem happier when I get home from work. I am happier. This was a good move for me. The first month was hard, I was a bit lonely and felt a little lost. I even had moments of regret, but now, after completing a few projects and learning a little WordPress, I am so excited about my new job. Cheers to change people. Cheers to learning new skills.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Taking out and trimming trees

It was so HOT on Friday and Saturday. Erik and Curly found relief on the floor.
We decided to take out a terrible privet in the corner of the yard near the pool. We've been trimming it back every few months, so thankfully it wasn't too much of a monster. This is a throwback picture of how this area looked the day we got the keys in July 2013.

Pedar has mad circus balance skills--while holding a chainsaw. I don't like the chainsaw part, but I'm getting used to it, I better get used to the chainsaw, our yard needs a lot of its attention. Pedar had to jump over the fence into our neighbors yards so he could cut up branches and throw them back over. Several branches got stuck in the lines but we got them down.
It took several hours but we got it down to stumps.
Then we had to move all the branches out.
It was hot and dirty work. I'm grateful the boys are able to entertain themselves. We couldn't have gotten so much done when they were younger. We do feel bad about ignoring them for a few hours but we went swimming when we were done.
We are slowly clearing our yard of neglected trees and bushes. We have one very large tree we need to take out and a bunch of small privets and berries. I am looking forward to clearing that area next.

Erik helped for a little while.
Our new pole trimmer we purchased at Emigh Hardware is awesome. We needed this the day we moved in!  This pile behind our garage is huge. We need to cut it up and take  trips to the dump.