Monday, June 8, 2015

Backard hugging

This weekend I finally finished painting the little bridge in our backyard. I painted it grey to match the house. Change is happening in our backyard, slowly but surely!

Ta da! It looks a lot better and so much cleaner!

Pedar removed the rest of the rotting deck off the garage! Erik and Liam had helped remove a ton of boards a few weekends ago. This area behind the garage is going to be a fire-pit/ping pong/ seating area. We are going to put in decomposed granite throughout this area. This Summer we are going to keep trimming and cleaning up what we can and we will hopefully plant a bit more in the Fall.

Ta da! Bye Bye rotting deck! I am going to create a little garden bed against the garage wall and the rest of this space will be decomposed granite. 
We moved the ping pong table outside this weekend. This is a great shady spot to play.

We are giving the boys play set to friends soon. We just need to take it apart. The boys rarely play on it and I have plans for the area where it sits. I love passing on items that we don't need anymore. The play-set served us well. We had it for nine years. I think we will miss the swings the most, so we are going to put a tire swing up on the walnut tree.

We had a great weekend playing outside! Here we go back to work now. Make it a great week everyone!

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