Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Menu pig

I wanted to show you my new friend Petunia. She is my menu pig. I was inspired to purchase Petunia because of my sister-in-law, Sierra. Sierra keeps an awesome weekly menu in her kitchen--she even had a menu while we were together on vacation last summer. The menu helps her family know what to expect for the week and she of course plans her grocery shopping around the menu. I've had my little pig for a few weeks now and we love it. I love writing down our meal plan on Sunday. Petunia helps me relax on the drive home from work. Whomever gets home first can get dinner started. Petunia is helping me not run to chipotle or grab a pizza when I've had an especially long day at work. This is really good for my waistline and for our bank account.
Someday the kids will start our evening meals. My goal is for Casey to make dinner at least one night a week as part of his chores. He cleaned all the mirrors and countertops this weekend. He didn't do a very good job, but we'll work on that later. I'm trying to teach him new chores every week. Mastering the chores will take some time. Yep, he complained, but he did it.  He stopped complaining when I told him he could scrub the toilets and showers if he kept up his whining. Little does he know those are coming next. Ha ha ha!
When I asked him to vacuum recently he looked at me like I asked him to make the Thanksgiving meal! His knee-jerk response is always, "You're not asking Erik to do (insert chore request here)!"
I always respond with, "When you were six, you were not asked to do these chores. Erik has things he needs to do to help around the house and so do you. Stop wasting time arguing and just get busy and get it done! It could be done by now!"
My biggest pet peeve is when someone says, "That's not my job." I always want to say, "WHERE IS THIS JOB LIST? WHY IS MY LIST SO BIG???"
There are those that will help whenever asked and others who will wait to see if someone else will do it. I can guarantee the person that says yes when asked for help will be rewarded with learning new skills and making new connections. Not that you need a reward from helping. Helping because you can should be the only motivator needed.
We don't give the boys an allowance. If they ask how they can earn money, we come up with a larger work project and we negotiate how much they think it should earn them. The things I need the boys to do, they just need to do because we are family. I want them to know that when they help, they are helping their family. They need to know how to do things around the house and yeah, I want them to learn to do them really well.
Jumping off my soapbox now. Give your chores a hug today.

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