Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New beginnings

Several friends and family are in the process of moving. My dear friend Lara just bought her first house and we are so thrilled for her! It is an adorable place and she has already painted the entire darn thing! We dropped by last night and ran into a Mission Avenue Dad we know that lives down the street! It was awesome to connect the two. She moves in this Saturday.
Isn't her kitchen adorable? She did it! She bought a house on her own! She is a bit overwhelmed by all the home projects and paying the mortgage (gulp!) but I just know everything will be better than expected. I think her new neighborhood is going to adore her as well!
The other day we dropped by Pedar and Dawn's new house to check out their new neighborhood. They weren't there, we were just being snoopy. We are a very short bike ride from their new place. Please pray that all the closing nonsense wraps up for them this week. I am imagining all the paperwork being signed, sealed and delivered!
New beginnings are so exciting. Of course the road to change can be stressful and hard, but maybe the hardness of it all helps us appreciate the destination even more? I know that visiting Lara's sweet new house made me think back on our first fixer-upper and all the hours Pedar and I spent making it shine. We learned so much in that home. We learned how to chip away at  big projects till all the little projects touch to make one big beautiful picture. We became parents. We learned how to keep moving forward when all we really wanted to do was lay down and stop. We are still learning so much and it is so great. I love learning.

Cheers to new beginnings and all the learning and magic that comes with it!




  1. Thank you, Nora! Congrats, Lara!

    1. Absolutely! Hope to hear good news from you soon!