Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer fun!

The boys are already having a great Summer! They are spending their days with the grand-parentals and are loving it!!
It rained yesterday but was still warm enough to swim. 

We celebrated a little bit too much this weekend and kept Erik up REALLY LATE on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By Monday morning he was a sleepy mess. He came home from my Mom's on Monday evening and put himself back to bed.  We're trying to be better about getting to bed by 9 p.m., but it is so lovely outside, it isn't easy.
Happy Summer!
Pool time with Rita. 
102 today! Stay cool everyone!!
I thought we needed to throw some money on swim lessons for Erik. It seemed like he had forgotten what he had learned from past lessons. He was scared again and wanted his life vest. It only took a week of spending time in the Grandparents pools this week to build some of his confidence back. I am so thrilled!

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