Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a super fun weekend! We had plans with a ton of friends and a nice long morning watching Rita. Friday we had our awesome friends, the Ray's over. We swam and played and laughed. We love them so much. Saturday morning we watched Rita. Pedar went to soccer coach training that morning. He had a good time. That afternoon Tiffani and Hans came over for swim time . We had a blast and I need to thank Tiffani for being so patient as I tried to clean my living room rug in the driveway. It was hot and I knew it would dry quickly and I just really needed to clean it. It may not be completely stain free, but it is so much better. That evening we went over to Lillie's house and met her new puppy and enjoyed a delicious meal! Pedar went to high school with Lillie's folks and now we are all at Mission with our kids! Love Jason and Jenny, Lillie's folks.
Sunday morning we rode our bikes to Whole Foods for breakfast. This was the first time Erik didn't ride the trailer bike. He took his own ride. He listened pretty well and didn't veer off in traffic as I had worried he might. Yeah, Erik!

Leila is so adorable. We loved puppy time.
Hans and Casey

Saturday morning with Rita while Margery teaches.

We wrapped up the weekend with the Mac-Weeden's and their three cutie pies. Wish I had taken more pictures of everyone and their awesome kids, but I was in the pool and having too much fun! Hope you all had a good weekend! Looking forward to more fun this weekend!!

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