Tuesday, July 28, 2015

16 days left of Summer

This weekend we hosted a couple of Casey's friends for an overnight. We set up the tent because we thought they would want to sleep outside, but after a busy afternoon of swimming and watching Princess Bride (they chose it!!) they wanted to stay in the air conditioned house.

Erik wanted to sleep in the tent, so Pedar enjoyed an evening outside.
The boys had a great time. I think everyone is getting excited about going back to school and being with friends again.

We spent Sunday getting ready for the last camps of the Summer. Erik has soccer camp and Casey has rock climbing camp this week. We are experiencing a CRAZY heat wave in Sacramento. Today it should reach 102, tomorrow 108 and Thursday 106. Scary heat. 
Thankfully Erik's camp is done at Noon. 
Erik's best friend from preschool is in soccer camp too! I love that they have this time together.
Casey showed off some of his free-climbing skills to me this morning. 
Thank you, Mor Mor for this adorable picture of Erik and his first grade buddies!! Thank you for picking them up after camps and hanging with them till we are off of work.

Only 16 more days of Summer left. I can't wait for the Mission picnic to find out what teachers the boys have and what friends they will have in their classes. 

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