Monday, July 20, 2015

Eppies Great Race 2015

We did it! We put another Eppie's 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, in the books. Bob, Lindsey and I enjoyed gorgeous weather for the run part on Saturday. I think it was the nicest weather I have ever experienced for Eppie's. I was so grateful!! 
Bob and Lindsey did a great job on the run!! 
Look at beautiful Lindsey running like the wind!! 

When we registered many months back I had the thought that I was turning 40 and wanted to prove to myself that I was strong and able. I thought that registering to do the ironwoman would motivate me to exercise a lot. Um No. I ran twice and cycled a few times more than that. I kayaked once. I have been taking the stairs at work for the past three months and we've been cleaning out the backyard. I guess you can call that my crossfit training?

This is a picture of me walking across the bridge to the kayak. I was so happy to be done with the running and biking. Pedar walked me across the bridge and helped me pull the kayak into the river. Because I had no idea what to expect from the kayak part I was excited. I had never been through the rapids. The only place I have ever kayaked was Lake Natoma and the last time I had a kid in my lap. Thankfully, at the rapids part, there were race folks on the beach yelling instructions. It was definitely an adrenaline rush. Kayaking is so fun. The scenery was gorgeous. Wish the current was stronger. My arms and shoulders were begging for mercy at the end of the six miles. I thought the kayak would move faster. I was wrong. You have to keep paddling or you will move backwards. 

Check out this fun video of people preparing for Eppie's. It gives you an idea of the kayak part.
Very grateful for amazing support!
Dagny did a great job kayaking! Well done, sister!! 
All done! Ready to enjoy Lisa's amazing pulled pork sandwiches and her beautiful backyard!! Thank you Lisa and Jeff for opening your home and hearts every single year to the crazy Eppie's crew. We love you and are so thankful to you!! Thank you for taking care of our sleepy boys too. My favorite part of the day was sitting next to your pool and laughing with everyone!! 

Pedar and Janet were wicked fast on their bikes, took them only 40 minutes to finish 12 miles. Took me 54! Wish I had a picture of Janet.

Jeff and Lisa brought the boys out to cheer us on! It was so fun to see them!!
Loved getting hugs from the boys. I felt like I owed them an apology on Saturday. Friday night I was feeling really anxious and nervous and I lost my cool a few times with them. I got home from work and the boys and I headed to the store to get food for the Eppie's party and pick up the race packets. Pedar had an evening event so I was prepping and running interference with the kids. 

They had been inside most of the day because of the heat and were bored and fidgety. I was busy packing their bags for the next day and wishing I had prepared better physically for the event. I was doubting my ability to complete Eppie's and was beating myself up mentally. There was this family group text early in the day where I was teased that I was competitive and would kick ass. Umm No. I know how slow I am. I throw myself at these things not because of a competitive spirit, but because I like to participate. In the group text I was referred to as an "Irish Flier" and I called myself the "Irish Turtle." Pedar told the announcer my new nickname and you can hear it in the video. 

So I did it. I've learned from all these events that I can talk myself IN our OUT of completing hard things. No one can help me do it. I just had to decide to do it. It is only my mind that gets in my way. 

My next goal is not to run or bike a certain amount of miles, it is to gain some darn muscle! I'm ready for my body to enjoy some HARD results! 

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