Monday, July 6, 2015

Swimming to the pontoon

This weekend we spent time in Tahoe. We had the best time with our cousins. I had to look back at an older blog post. We haven't all been back together in Tahoe for awhile. Look at how small the kids were back in 2011!

I have so many great pictures from this weekend to share, but we got home at midnight, and this morning just got up and headed to work. I did have a few pictures of Erik's first swim to the pontoon that I just have to share. The fourth of July was overcast. It rained and thundered, so a few of us hiked to Quail Lake instead of hanging at the beach. The next morning we hiked to Quail Lake again, but the sun came out and we knew we needed to get to the beach! Erik was excited. He wanted to swim to the pontoon with Casey. Kind of crazy that in the last three weeks he has gone from being a little fearful of swimming underwater and now he wants to swim to the pontoon!

The first few steps on the rocks before you start swimming are hard!
They all made it!!
Not only did they swim to the pontoon, they decided to swim to the other one, then hang out and then come back.
When it came time to jump off and head back, Erik wasn't looking forward to getting back into the freezing water, but he did it!
He was freezing when he came back, so he laid down on the rocks to get warm and we bundled him up! Before long he was ready to play!
Well done, Erik!

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