Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tahoe with Mor Mor and Pops

The kids have been in Tahoe all week with Mor Mor and Pop Pop. They have been kayaking,horseback riding, hiking and more. Pedar and I are so grateful that they are making awesome memories with their grandparents and having such a good time!

Erik pulling up the kayak on the beach!

Mor Mor said that Casey did most of the paddling and was exhausted!
Silly boys
The weather has been much cooler this week in Tahoe. Even got a bit of rain!!
My cute cowboys!
Pedar is going up tonight and will bring them home on Saturday. I have to work Saturday or we would have both gone up. Looking forward to hearing all the stories.

What have we been doing? You mean after work? We cleaned the garage and started chopping up the huge, ugly pile behind it. We went out to eat on Tuesday. The weather has been AMAZING. Maybe this El Nino is really coming after all! Maybe we will have wet weather this Fall. Oh my goodness I hope so. 

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