Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goodbye Lou Fatur

Our friend Lou Fatur died last night. He leaves behind his son Christopher, his sister Carolyn and countless friends and family that adored him. Lou was one of the most generous people I have ever known. He had a heart of gold. He had this can-do attitude that never quit. When I was overwhelmed, he would just say, "It will happen honey. Before you know it, it will be done." And he was right. 

Pedar and I bought our house on Oxbow Drive in August of 2002. From the very beginning, Lou Fatur was there helping and welcoming us to the neighborhood. In fact, Lou was the very reason we were finally able to move in. The previous owner would not move out, so Lou flashed his badge and she finally moved on so we could move in. When Pedar’s parents came over to see our new place, they immediately recognized one another. Pedar’s parents lived down the street from Lou’s parents, Camille and Lou. And for another layer of small world goodness, Todd, one of Lou’s best friends, was Pedar’s cousin.  We were meant to be friends. And we were. 

August 2002. Lou helping us trim back the jungle that was our backyard. He was so proud of the work we did on our house. He was always so proud of us. I couldn't help but be proud of us too.
Lou's house was the epicenter of fun for our neighborhood. He loved to cook and to socialize. He always wanted everyone to have a good time. For the twelve years we lived on Oxbow Drive, Lou was there for every milestone, house projects and babies, and we were there for his as well. We helped him on several of his house projects, we helped him grieve the loss of his fantastic Dad, we celebrated his wedding in his gorgeous backyard and we tried to console him through his divorce. We loved him and he loved us right back. We were very lucky.
Pedar and Lou LOVED flying their planes together. If the boys heard a plane at El Camino, it was just a matter of minutes before we had to go over there and join in the fun. It was a fantastic hobby that Lou and Pedar enjoyed very much. I loved watching them play.

See the picture above? Lou has his arm around me. He is making me laugh and probably saying something like, "Nor-Nor!!Did you see that plane hit the ground? Don't worry, we'll fix it!" Lou wasn't shy about telling you he cared. It was what made him so very unique and lovable. 
Lou's son, Chris, who is now 22, will always be his pride and joy. We hope Chris lets us be a part of his life so we can always remind him of how much Lou loved him.
July of 2004. Chris and Lou.
I hate saying goodbye to you Lou. I wanted more time. I wish I could have helped you more. I hope you knew how much I loved you and what a difference you made in my life. I will never forget you. I am so grateful for every happy memory. I pray you are at peace and are surrounded by people that you love. I promise to look after Chris if he'll let me. I will try to embody your superhuman personality traits by being generous and helpful and opening my house to friends and family. I love you, Lou. Goodbye.

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